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Metro Shop

Everything under one roof

Baden’s Metro Shop has taken on a whole new shine since it was renovated in 2001. Locals and visitors alike appreciate the shopping centre’s fabulous array of shops, convenient parking facilities and public transport connections. Three supermarket chains, the SBB Travel Centre and numerous speciality stores offer a wide range of goods and all the latest products. The open and friendly environment makes it the perfect place to browse and shop.

Rechnischer Unterhalt Metro Shop Stadt Baden - Kunden im Metro Shop

Train platforms 1 – 5, the bus station and the “Lang- und Nordhaus” residential and commercial buildings can now only be accessed via the central pedestrian underpass. This underpass provides an ideal connection between the Ost and West train stations.

The Department for Real Estate owns the complex and, on behalf of the municipality of Baden, is responsible for the facility management within the Metro Shop and the train station parking area. We do everything we can to ensure the shopping and public transport areas are kept clean and attractive for our customers.

When will we have the pleasure of welcoming you to the Metro Shop? We look forward to seeing you. Maps

Businesses in the Metro Shop