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Stadt ist.

Family research, ancestry

The Zivilstandskreis (Baden Regional Family Records Office) also stores the following municipal registries:

  • Municipal civil registries dating from around 1818 and onward
  • Municipal marriage registries dating from 1.1.1876 and onward
  • Municipal birth registries dating from 1.1.1876 and onward
  • Municipal death registries dating from 1.1.1876 and onward

Older and additional registries can be found in the archives of the municipalities, parishes and the canton (Staatsarchiv (Public Records Office)). The Staatsarchiv (Public Records Office) has compiled various directories such as the "Aargau Directory of Parish Records".

Unlike the land registry and the commercial registry, the civil status registries are not accessible to the public. Certain requirements must be fulfilled before personal information can be released for the purposes of family research.

Registered personal information may only be provided in writing (not verbally).

If you would like to access the registry, you must make an appointment with the Zivilstandskreis (Baden Regional Family Records Office). If required, authorisation must be obtained in advance from the Registry and Civil Status Department of the Office of Economics and Internal Affairs in Aarau and presented at the registry office.
Fees for the provision of transcripts are charged on a time basis.

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