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It is a great privilege to have thermal springs right on your doorstep. There are many different ways to experience the most mineral-rich thermal waters in Switzerland in the baths of Baden – and some of them don't even cost anything. From a free foot bath to traditional thermal baths all the way to private spa suites, the baths district has a large range of thermal spring activities.

Novum Spa at Hotel Limmathof Baden

Novum Spa

Limmathof Hotel & Novum Spa

Treat yourself with a visit to the Novum Spa. In addition to the beneficial effects of the thermal bath, there is also a steam bath, a cold room and a sauna. Immerse yourself in the world of well-being, switch off and let yourself be carried away by the perfect relaxation.

Private Spa-Suite at Hotel Limmathof © René Rötheli

Private Spa

Limmathof Hotel & Private Spa

Relax in the private spa suites of the Limmathof Baden and enjoy the tranquility and thermal water in a cozy togetherness.

Wellness at Atrium-Hotel Blume

Roman bath

Atrium-Hotel Blume

It is a pleasure to step into wide traditional bath tubes, which have a direct access to the in-house source of Switzerland's most mineral-rich water. Let your body, soul and spirit in the historic baths reconcile: You will have the full experience of the traditional baths in the Atrium-Hotel Blume.

Thermalbench Baden

Thermal bench

The Thermalbank, an eight-metre-long foot bath filled with thermal water, allows everyone to experience the richest thermal mineral water in Switzerland for free

Thanks to the natural soothing warmth of the water and financial support from the Lägern-Baregg Raiffeisenbank, the Thermalbank offers year-round enjoyment. It is open for use 24/7.

Blueme-Bädli in Baden

Blueme-Bädli - Summerbreak

On the terrace of the Atrium-Hotels Blume

The beautiful "Blueme-Bädli" invites everyone to enjoy the open air thermal water pool. Food and drinks can be ordered on request directly to the bath.

The "Blueme-Bädli" is daily freely accessible from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Bagno Popolare in Baden

Bagno Popolare

Association Bagni Popolari and Limmathof Baden Hotel & Spa

One can bathe in hot thermal water in the open air pool called "Bagno Popolare" at the Limmatpromenade (close to the Kurplatz) in Baden.

Download the new flyer for an overview about the thermalwater:
Flyer Thermalwater [pdf, 341.11 KB]


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  • Thermal water fountain Restaurant Hirsch in Ennetbaden: This thermal water fountain is located at the Restaurant Hirsch in Ennetbaden. The fountain is decorated with a mosaic created by the painter and mosaic artist Karl Otto Hügin in 1942.
  • Hot Stone: Pentagonal, approx. 4-tonne stone slab on the Kurplatz. The "Heisser Stein" (hot stone) is warmed by the underlying "Grosser Heisser Stein" (great hot stone) spring, which can be clearly felt at this spot. Before the Kurplatz was levelled in 1824, the stone stuck out over the ground at seat height. It was formerly used to sell fruits, vegetables and baked goods. 

Find out more about the baths on our public or individually bookable guided city tour "From Aquae Helveticae to Botta". More information about the Thermal waters and springs.

Weekend in Baden

Would you like to enjoy the thermal water und to stay for a weekend in Baden? Take a break and relax.

A spa weekend in Baden - Weekend Baden

Our Special Offers – Your Benefits

  • Weekend for two people or a small group
  • One or two overnight stays in a hotel in Baden or a hostel
  • Free cultural program
  • Cityticket with attractive benefits

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