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Exercise brings drive into the everyday life, whether through a short walk in the fresh air during lunchtime, a regular visit to the fitness center, or a weekly yoga or dance class. Exercise not only stimulates the blood circulation, increases overall well-being, but also adds to a good work-life-balance.

Training room of a fitness center in Baden

Fitness Center

A selection of fitness centers in Baden can be found under the following links:

Yoga and meditation in Baden

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation for inner peace - A selection can be found below:

Dance school in Baden


Dancing aids the coordination, balance, muscle building and motor skills. A selection of dance schools in Baden can be found below:

View on Baden and the surrounding region

Beautiful walks start and end here

Beautiful historical walks can be taken starting in the baths district. People who came to Baden for a spa treatment long ago didn't miss the chance to explore the hilly landscape on foot. Many lookout points, called "Chänzeli" in Swiss German, offer a magnificent view over the baths district, the city and neighbouring towns during the Chänzeli Lookout Point Tour. The short walk from the Mättelipark to Kappisee lake or the circular route around the Goldwand (vineyards) in Ennetbaden, as well as many more trekking routes and walks in and around Baden are also very popular.