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Thermal waters and springs

A 2,000-year history as a spa town, the most mineral-rich waters in the whole of Switzerland, and a diverse range of wellness options: Baden (German for "baths") lives up to its name in every way.

The natural warmth and power of the thermal springs has been used in Baden for 2,000 years. The thermal waters have more minerals here than anywhere else in Switzerland. More than 900,000 litres bubble out of its 18 springs every single day. The valuable minerals are dissolved into the hot water on their long journey through the rock layers at a depth of more than 1,200 metres. At the surface, the thermal water has a soothing effect and is used as a basis for many medical treatments.

Thermal spring in Baden ©leistungsfotografie.ch

Health effects

The thermal water in Baden is not only with 47 degrees Celsius (116 degrees Fahrenheit) the warmest healing water in Switzerland, but is also the most mineral-rich water by 4.6 grams of minerals pro liter of water. Up until 1200 meters of water derives completely naturally from 18 springs at the surface, from where the comforting warmth also originates. Through the 4,000 to 12,000 yearlong mounting of rocks under the city, the uniquely high mineralization in the thermal water in Baden was achieved. Not only does it contain calcium, iron, and iodine, but the "liquid gold" also contains sulfur. This mineral is responsible for the prominent smell of the thermal waters. Further ingredients are methane, fluoride, zinc, and magnesium. The latter is essential for muscle functions and bone building in the human body.

More information about the thermalwater and spa offers can be found in the new Flyer:
Flyer Thermalwater [pdf, 341.11 KB]

Find out more about the qualities and special characteristics of Baden's thermal water [pdf, 149.04 KB] (only in German).

More information about health treatments can be found here.

Thermal baths

There are many ways to enjoy the most mineral-rich thermal waters in Switzerland in Baden's baths district. Find out more here.