School Board

The School Board is responsible for the goal-oriented, strategic management of schools and reports to the canton and the city of Baden. It acts as an employer and a supervisory body, is tasked with the implementation of laws, decrees and directives and is the point of contact between schools and the council. It supervises overall school development and initiates or supports, organises and coordinates school development processes.

Ressort Inhaber/-in Stellvertretung
Präsidium Brigitte Caviezel Noëmi Löw-Tamm
Planung/Vernetzung Esther Frischknecht Christine Vögele
Finanzen/Recht Hannes Baumann Brigitte Caviezel
Personal Christine Vögele Esther Frischknecht
Laufbahn/Vizepräsidium Noëmi Löw-Tamm Hannes Baumann



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