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Stadt ist.

The ruins of Stein Castle

The medieval castle on the Schlossberg is said to have been founded by the counts of Lenzburg in the 11th century. It was inherited by the counts of Kyburg in 1172 and then by the counts of Habsburg in 1264. The castle was the seat of administration of the bailiffs of the Habsburg Swabian territories in the 14th century. When the canton of Aargau was conquered by the Swiss Confederation in 1415, Stein Castle was taken after heavy fighting and then demolished. As old drawings show, the castle that was destroyed in 1415 had a residential tower with a great hall attached and a triangular courtyard with a watchtower and castle chapel. The watchtower and chapel survived the castle demolition. The upper part of the tower became dilapidated over time and had to be replaced in 1947. A winding staircase was added for access. The chapel has also been redesigned many times over the years.

In the initial phase, the castle tower and main ruins underwent major renovations and were reinforced in 1998. In the second phase, the southern bastion walls and two vaulted cellars were refurbished. Since the lights were replaced at the same time, this important symbolic landmark now also illuminates the nighttime skies of Baden. In autumn/winter 2000/2001, various "cuts" were made across the entire site. The work significantly improved the substance of the ruins and enhanced the natural space.