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Stadt ist.


Stadt ist.

Stadtturm (City Tower)

The Stadtturm (City Tower) of Baden sits atop the northern end of Oberstadt and is the only defense tower that still exists in the city's medieval fortifications. The Stadtturm (City Tower), formerly known as the Bruggerturm or Baderturm, was built in the second half of the 15th century in two stages. During the war between Zurich and the Swiss Confederation from 1441 to 1448, a three-story tower with prison facility was created under the direction of foreman Rudolf Murer.

The steep hipped roof is covered in black, red and white tiles (the city colours), with a chevron-like pattern. The tower has been renovated and changed structurally many times. The last complete renovation took place in 1925, and the gate was widened most recently in 1961. In 1990, the roof and tip of the Stadtturm (City Tower) were heavily damaged by a storm. As a result, the tip was refurbished and coated with copper and the tiles were replaced. In 2008/2009, the plaster was replaced by a plaster coating made of purely mineral material and the colours were historically adapted. The Stadtturm (City Tower) served as the district prison from 1846 to 1985. It does not have a permanent use today but can be viewed on guided tours and is occasionally used for public events.