In Baden, shopping is always a joy. Visitors rave about how naturally friendly the people of Baden are – and how that makes shopping all the more pleasant.

There are several different shopping areas, each with its own character and to suit every budget. Do some shopping in the modern Metroshop and the Langhaus, the Gstühl Center, the traditional Badstrasse, the multifaceted Weite Gasse or the charming Obere and Untere Halde. The weekly market with fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers takes place on Tuesdays (March to November) and every Saturday morning next to the City Tower. And don’t forget the sweet Baden specialities that you can enjoy with a coffee during your shopping tour.

The city centre can be reached by train, bus or car. Over 2000 public parking lots are available close to the pedestrian precinct.

Discover the diversity of the six shopping areas

Train station and Badstrasse

Area of the train station and Badstrasse in Baden

Traditional and spacious - more information

Traditional Baden stores are interspersed with ultramodern train station shops. The two large supermarkets can both be reached through the multi-storey car parks. Long-established watch and jewellery shops, chemists as well as florists and gourmet delicatessens round out the shopping experience.

Right in the heart of the city at the Badstrasse and reachable within walking distance from the train station, traditional and international fashion boutiques, shoe stores, cutting-edge fashion and hairstylists all come together: photography and book stores, travel agents, jewellery shops, opticians, banks as well as street cafés and restaurants where you can rest your feet after shopping.

Schlossbergplatz and Gstühl Center

Shopping at the Schlossbergplatz and Gstühl Center in Baden

The place to meet - more information

The "Schlossbergplatz" is close to the train station with a parking lot called "Bruggerstrasse" nearby. A large shopping centre with delicacies, banks, hairstylists, various stores, restaurants and cafés with local delicacies are located around this place.

Shopping at the Gstühl Center in Baden

The large shopping centre "Gstühl Center" stretches from Bruggerstrasse in the direction of the Stadtturm (City Tower). The shops are all grouped around a passageway facing inwards that meets all of your shopping needs and has places to sit down and unwind.


Shopping at the Theaterplatz in Baden

Calm and relaxing - more information

Many people meet on sunny days at the "Theaterplatz" to relax on a bench or in a restaurant, or play chess. A florist, an outdoor sports shop, a spacious book store, a beauty salon and a bank surround this square. More stores can be reached through some stairs which lead to the old town.

Weite/Mittlere Gasse and Rathausgasse

Shopping in the Mittlere Gasse in Baden

Old town athmosphere - more information

In summer, the Weite and Mittlere Gasse give off a Mediterranean air with its street cafes and trendy bars. From a Sunday roast to a pair of glasses, from medicine to modern accessories – you can find almost everything along this boulevard in the former market street.

Shopping at the Rathausgasse Baden

A wine boutique in the Rathausgasse also offers various Swiss wines.

Obere and Untere Halde

Shopping at the Untere Halde in Baden

Regional and original - more information

The charming narrow streets right in the middle of the Old Town are home to original speciality stores and handicrafts as well as special galleries and artist studios. A small but refined selection of restaurants and cultural highlights also invite guests to sit and relax.

From Cordulaplatz to Lindenplatz

Shopping around Cordula- and Lindenplatz in Baden

Inside tips - more information

The "Cordulaplatz" and the "Lindenplatz" with diverse traditional shops are situated after the "Weitengasse". Specialist shops for fashion, shoes, furniture, lingerie and food, as well as florists, jewellery shops, hairstylists, galleries, a large library, a music instrument store, a sport shop and a bakery as well as various restaurants can be found in the area around the Lindenplatz.

An overview of the six shopping areas

Map of the shopping areas in Baden