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Trails and parcours

Running and walking trail

The trail can be accessed at Allmend, Baldegg and in Dättwil/Segelhof. There are three clearly signposted routes to choose from: 3.3 km (white), 8.6 km (red) and 11.2 (black). Along the way you’ll find various tips for stretching, strength and intensity training.

Orientierungstafel beim Running- und Walking Trail im Badener Wald

Baden running and walking trail [pdf, 324.93 KB]

Vita parcours, children’s vita parcours

The vita parcours in Chrüzliberg forest (starts above Liebenfels Cemetery) is suitable for all ages and caters particularly to families. Adults can look forward to a multifaceted run through the forest, no matter whether they’re beginners, trained athletes or returning to exercise after a break. The exercise boards encourage runners to work on their endurance, flexibility and strength.

The junior vita parcours is integrated into the adult version and is specially designed for families with children up to the age of ten. Zack the little fox and other characters playfully accompany children along the forest trail.

Instruktionstafel für Kinder und Erwachsene beim Vitaparcours im Chrüzliberg-Wald in Baden



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