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Our hiking suggestions

Are you looking for rest and downtime from your daily routine? Are you looking for an activity to occupy your free time, whether it be during the week or during the weekend, with which you can do something for your health and wellbeing? From relaxing Sunday walk, to the tightrope walk over the Lägern (a ridge in Baden), to an excursion in the mysterious "Tüfels Chäller" (devils basement), a forest, you can experience the nature of Baden.
An overview of the hikes can be found in this brochure: Explore the city and its surroundings on foot.pdf [pdf, 4.19 MB]

Aussicht auf die Stadt Baden

From one beautiful view to another

On this walk around the city of Baden, you can perceive the city from all different angles.

Jüdischer Friedhof in Endingen

Experience the Jewish Surbtal Valley

The pleasant way of Baden to Endingen and back to the valley Siggen tal leads through forests and is particularly suitable for hot summer days.

Aussicht Richtung Wasserschloss

High above the Wasserschloss confluence

The trail leads through the yew-woods to the Gebenstorfer Horn. From here you can see the so-called water castle, the confluence of the Aare, Reuss and Limmat.

Wald und Wiese auf dem Heitersberg

A lake in the woods

A trail from Rüsler to Egelsee and Heitersberg with stunning views of the Limmat and the Reuss Valley.

Kloster Fahr

From monastery to monastery

Limmat-shore hike from Baden towards Zurich, passing the Wettingen Abbey and on to the  Fahr monastery.

Aussicht auf die Stadt Baden und die Lägern

Romantic ridge hike

A hike from Baden to the Lägern ridge up to Regensberg.

Moorgebiete Richtung Fislisbach

Through moors and marshes

Particularly scenic hike from Baden to Niederrohrdorf.

Blick von der Iflue

Forest hike with a view

The way from Baden on the Hertenstein and Iflue has repeatedly wonderful views over the entire Siggental.

Einblick in den Füfels Chäller in Baden

Primeval forest and playground

It is necessary to discover a diverse world with caves, crevices and ravines in Baden Tüfels Chäller (Devil's Cellar).

Biber beim Baden im Wasserschloss

Beavers and industrial culture

From Baden on the Limmat / Aareuferweg to Turgi and furhter to the "water castle of Switzerland".


Alpine hike in the lowlands

Hike from Schneisingen to Endingen through the forest with rhododendrons.

Flachsee bei Bremgarten

Birdwatcher’s paradise on Lake Flachsee

An idyllic walk along the "Flachsee" from Unterlunkhofen the Hermetschwil monastery next to Bremgarten.

More information can be found in the following brochure “Baden ist. Leisure - Explore the city and its sourroundings on foot.pdf [pdf, 4.19 MB]”.
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