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Whether it's in a dreamy haven of tranquillity, a social gathering place, magnificent villa gardens or an original giant work of art, use your well-deserved time off to relax with a picnic in one of Baden's many different parks. Whether it's on the weekend or on your lunch break, you can lose yourself in a green oasis any time of the day.

Old city cemetery

Bruggerstrasse 53

Old city cemetery

The old city cemetery opened in 1821. The last burial took place in 1996. Today, the cemetery is a public park with an integrated playground. Special features include the tapered yew trees flanking the centre aisle, picturesque old groves and individual trees, and the artistic and historically interesting family graves.
The gardens, which are preserved as a municipal landmark, were redesigned and improved carefully in 2013. The result is a unique blend of cemetery, garden and relaxation space with an enchanting atmosphere all its own.
Map, http://www.badenfilm.ch


Haselstrasse 2

Kurpark Baden

With the construction of the Kursaal in 1875, a park was also created in the style of late landscape gardens. Many elements of the richly adorned park were lost during later expansions and reconstructions, but the impressive stand of trees of exotic wood typical at the time and the water installations have been preserved. Map


Baths district - closed during the construction work of the new thermal bath

Situated directly on the banks of the River Limmat, this area was a social gathering point as far back as the Middle Ages. It was the hotel garden of the Grand Hotel until 1944, when the hotel was demolished. It was developed as a park in 1969. Map

Park of the Villa Boveri

Ländliweg 5

Park of the Villa Boveri Baden

The most important private gardens in the city of Baden were built by Walter Boveri I in 1897. The park is comprised of three separate gardens: the landscape garden, the Neo-Baroque terraced garden and the bath garden, constructed in 1911. The landscape garden is distinguished by its bordering stand of beautifully preserved trees that date back to when it was created. The estate is now owned by the ABB charitable foundation.

Admission: free, opening hours: daily 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., cafeteria in the villa. Map

Guided park tours with various themes are offered from spring to autumn. Register at
Tel. +41 58 585 24 61, http://www.abb-wfs.ch/t_blank

Park of the Villa Langmatt

Römerstrasse 30

Park of the Villa Langmatt Baden

This park was constructed at the same time as the villa, starting in 1900, and was commissioned by the industrialist Sidney Brown. It was redesigned and expanded further on several occasions up until 1910. The villa is home to the Museum Langmatt, which has an important collection of artwork by French impressionists. The estate is owned by the Sidney and Jenny Brown Langmatt Foundation.
Park admission: free, opening hours for park and cafeteria: 1 March – 30 November, Tuesday – Friday 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., Saturday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Map

Tel. + 41 56 200 86 70, http://www.langmatt.ch/t_blank

Parkfriedhof Liebenfels (Cemetery Park)

Alte Zürcherstrasse

Bus no. 2, bus stop Friedhof Liebenfels
Former site of the Liebenfels country estate. When the city cemetery became too small, the plans for the new Liebenfels park cemetery got underway in 1942. It opened in 1949. It is an excellent example of a park cemetery with large swathes of open space and a stand of old-growth trees. Map

Südgarten Kantonsspital (South Garden of the Cantonal Hospital)


South Garden of the Cantonal Hospital Baden

The artists Albert Siegenthaler and Gillian White created a giant work of art made from sculptures, plants and small hills in 1978. The guiding theme of the park is the "Dance of the Dead", with the sundial in the centre as a symbol of time. The sun shines directly on the water chapel on the shortest day of the year. The edges of ponds and small hills are formed by the shadows cast on the shortest and longest days. The sculpted parts are made of harmonious weathered steel. The park is always open. Map