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Day trip destinations

A whole host of stunning day trip destinations, hikes and recreational areas can be found just outside the city.


568 metres a.s.l.
Worthwhile day trip destination above Baden in the middle of a majestic forest with a view of the Swiss Plateau and the Alpine range from the Säntis to the Jungfrau. Lovely walks, easy bus connection.


455 metres a.s.l.
From up here, you’ll enjoy the best panoramic view of Baden’s Old Town and the surrounding vineyards.

Wald beim Chrüziliberg Baden


510 metres a.s.l.
Great view of Baden and the Limmat Valley.

Blick auf Baden und das Bäderquartier vom Hertenstein-Chänzeli in Ennetbaden


470 metres a.s.l.
Wonderful view of Baden/Ennetbaden, the Limmat Valley and the Alps.

Blick vom Martinsberg-Chänzeli auf Baden und Baden Nord


497 metres a.s.l.
This lookout point is located on the furthermost edge of Martinsberg mountain and offers a sweeping view across Nussbaumen, the Kappelerhof, Ennetbaden, Lägern mountain and the Stein Castle ruins.

Blick vom Schloss Stein auf Baden, den Bahnhof und die Neustadt

Stein Castle ruins

442 metres a.s.l.
The shortest way to reach the top is via the St. Niklaus Stiege (staircase). You will be rewarded with one of the most picturesque panoramic views of Baden’s Old Town and the surrounding vineyards.

Blick vom Schloss Schartenfels auf Baden und deren Altstadt


470 metres a.s.l.
Fascinating 360-degree view of Baden and Wettingen.

Einblick in die mystische Welt des Tüfels Chäller

Tüfels Chäller (Devil's cellar)

514 metres a.s.l.
This rocky landslide area with breccia obelisks, caves, crevices and ravines is a great place for kids to play and marvel at nature’s creations.

Other day trip destinations

Aussenansicht des Klosters Wettingen

Wettingen Monastery

Established in the 13th century, this monastery was the last Cistercian monastery to be built in Switzerland and its basic structure is still almost entirely intact. It houses decoratively carved Baroque choir stalls and a Romanesque-Gothic cloister with stained-glass paintings dating from the 13th to the 17th century.

Innenansicht Klosterkirche Königsfelden

Königsfelden Monastery

The Monastery church is located among the Roman ruins of Vindonissa not far from the Habsburg family stronghold. The Monastery church was founded by the king’s widow Elisabeth in honour of her murdered husband King Albrecht I and is home to eleven famous stained glass windows from the 14th century.

Day trips with Aargau Tourism

You can also explore the region on tours organised by Aargau Tourism.

“Sustainability, culture and cuisine”

Find out how sustainability is integrated into modern life, learn about nature's diversity and enjoy regional delicacies. What will be the highlight of your trip?
Starts in Spreitenbach, finishes in Baden.

“Enchanting trip to the glacier valley”

Hop on a regular or an electric bicycle and explore the spectacular landscape as you ride towards Gnadenthal. Your guide will recount fantastic tales about the region as you cycle past magnificent moraines and countless Alpine ponds.
Starts and finishes in Baden.

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