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Stadt ist.

From Aquae Helveticae to Botta - public city tour

Immerse yourself in the impressive bathing history with a view to the appealing future of the spa resort

Language: German
Duration: 1h 30min
Meeting point: Bäder-Infocenter

Highlights: A sip of Switzerland’s most mineral-rich thermal spring water at the romantic Atrium Hotel Blume and current information about the construction project of the new thermal spa designed by star architect Mario Botta.

Even the old Romans knew about the qualities of the local thermal springs and hence established Baden’s fame as a spa town. A life full of happiness, excessive frivolity and scandals; the baths in Baden offered everything during many different eras. In the current construction site situation, you can obtain information about the future thermal bath. The new spa designed by the star architect will become the new shining beacon of Baden as a wellness destination.

From Aquae Helveticae to Botta - Stadt Baden

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