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Stadt ist.

Public city tours

Experience the diversity of the city of Baden during several public city tours (duration: 1.5 hours) which are accompanied by one of our guides and regularly take place at a fixed date and time. A list with the dates of our highlights can be downloaded at the following link: Public guided tours January to April 2019 [pdf, 246 KB]. Please be aware that the public guided city tours are held in German.

The public guided city tours in January and February 2019 will only take place on Sundays at 11 a.m.

The tickets for the following tours can be booked online through the button "Book a ticket".
We are also pleased to receive your registration for a public guided tour by phone or e-mail at stadtfuehrungenNULL@baden.ch, but last minute decisions to join are welcomed warmly as well.

Private guided city tours

Detailed information about the private city tours can be found here: Private guided city tours in Baden