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Witches, murderers, doxies and arsonists

Stories about the administration of justice in medieval Baden read like an Umberto Eco thriller "The Name of the Rose".

Duration: 1h 30min, E/G
Group size: max. 25 participants per group
Group rate: CHF 250.00

Highlight: Visit to the Stadtturm (City Tower) with its old jail cells and gruesome stories

Around 600 years ago, Baden became a bustling hub and seat of the Tagsatzung (legislative assembly). But during the Middle Ages, certain unsavoury dealings in and around Baden were at least as grim as the prison that was later built in the Baden Stadtturm (City Tower).
Our tour guides are well-versed in the city’s dark secrets from an era when a person’s life was often not worth much and before the right to “freedom, equality and fraternity” had been established.

They will take you to places where witches, murderers, prostitutes and arsonists were sentenced and executed – sometimes using the most barbaric methods. Listen to excerpts from the unbelievable, at times terrifying Badener Todbücher (Baden Death Books).

Anmeldung Führung Hexen, Mörder, Dirnen und Brandstifter

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