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Stadt ist.

Travel through 2000 years of city history

From the Roman Empire to today’s modern industrial and cultural city

Duration: 1h 30min; EN/DE/ES/FR/IT/NL
Group size: max. 25 participants per group
Group rate: CHF 250.00

Highlights: Visit the Tagsatzungssaal (legislative assembly chamber), Baden’s Catholic church and the quaint narrow streets of the picturesque Old Town

Baden's residents have indulged in every kind of luxury since the days of the Roman Empire. Baden’s thermal springs were renowned as “Aquae Helveticae” and attracted visitors from far and wide.

Travel back to the Middle Ages and find out why Baden adopted municipal law and became the unofficial capital of the Old Confederacy. You will hear stories about how Baden was disarmed after the second War of Villmerge – and what that meant for the city’s residents. While admiring the historical city walls, listen to fascinating anecdotes from the turbulent time when the city was establishing its legislative assembly and tradition as a conference hub, which continues to this day.

Anmeldung Führung Zeitreise durch 2000 Jahre Stadtgeschichte

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