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Turbo-charged Baden

Experience the lively industrial city of Baden

Duration: 1h 30min, E/G
Group size: max. 25 participants per group
Group rate: CHF 250.00

Highlights: Brown + Boveri (BBC), industrial culture, the Trafo factory halls through the ages

This tour is about the success story of two pioneers from Baden who conquered the globe with the construction of steam and gas turbines as well as turbochargers. To this very day, turbochargers are still used to power deep-sea vessels worldwide and can be seen all over our planet: on the seven seas, in the eternal ice of the Arctic or in the scorching hot outback of Australia.

We take you on a tour through the former factory halls in the Trafo Baden. Furthermore, it is also about special people from the industrial heyday: e.g. the crane operator Wanda Ferro-Azzali who was compelled to succeed in a male-dominated environment in the 1950s.

A sensual experience laced with exciting anecdotes such as the first loft apartment, the bell of the gatekeeper’s cabin, the “Härdöpfel-Bunker” (potato bunker) and the mansions for the patrons. This is history characterised by courageous people who transformed an industrial city into an appealing and world-famous place of service provision and work.

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