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Für Schulklassen

Duration: 1.5 hours
Group size: max. 25 participants per group
Group price*: CHF 200.--** (bookable Monday to Friday)

*Primary and secundary school, advanced school, grammar school, vocational school
** Group price for The Beer Brewery, Caffee roastery, The Water, Mission Baden: CHF 240.-

The following topics are particularly suitable for school classes. Either as a complement to the history classes and the syllabus, as an introduction to various epochs, or to learn about the multifarious history of Baden. The tours have to be accompanied by a teacher.

Subject areas:

  • Baden in the Middle Ages - with special historical focus on the old city, life and professions (English, German, French, Italian)
  • The industrial pioneers in Baden - North Baden (English, German)
  • The Romans in Baden - spa district and Römerstrasse (English, German, French)
  • The Habsburgs and Stein Castle - power, downfall and new beginnings (only in German)

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