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The history of women, who influenced Baden and the world

Duration: 1h 30min, E/G
Group size: max. 25 participants per group
Group rate: CHF 250.00

Women were referred to as devil's decoy and nature's abomination with vociferous support from the church. Even reformers called them "half a child" or "a great animal." It was only in the 20th century that women's rights slowly started to improve. On a walk from the "Bahnhofplatz" at the train station to the Villa Boveri, you will hear moving stories and deeds of women living in Baden - once and now. Whether burned as witches, harassed as servants, revered as charitable noblewomen, admired as combative artists, daughters of industrialist or as politicians, you will get to know more about them and their domains during the city tour.

Anmeldung Führung Geschichten von Frauen, die Baden und die Welt bewegten

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