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Privat guided group tours

A guided tour is the best way to learn more about Baden. Even experts and locals are amazed to discover hidden corners and surprising perspectives that open up.

The date, time and theme of our private city tours can be chosen individually.

Our highlights

Visualisation of the new bath in Baden

From Aquae Helveticae to Botta

Immerse yourself in the impressive bathing history with a view to the appealing future of the spa resort

Our tour guides have plenty to say about the ladies and gentlemen who frequented Baden’s baths.

Altstadt von Baden

Travel through 2,000 years of city history

From the Roman Empire to today’s modern industrial and cultural city

Take a trip back in time from the Roman “Aquae Helveticae” to city life during the Middle Ages, all the way through to the advancements and challenges of the modern age.

The transformation of Baden Nord

The transformation of Baden Nord

Industry, global corporations, architecture

Old meets new on the city tour through Baden’s former industrial area.

Schloss Stein Baden

The unofficial capital of the Confederates

Baden lies at the heart of the Old Confederacy

Baden became the seat of the Tagsatzung (legislative assembly) and was the unofficial capital of the Old Confederacy for almost 300 years.

Gefängniszellen im Stadtturm - Hexen, Mörder, Dirnen und Brandstifter

Witches, murderers, doxies and arsonists

Stories about the administration of justice in medieval Baden read like an Umberto Eco thriller (The Name of the Rose)

Before “freedom, equality and fraternity” were enshrined in law, human life wasn’t valued very highly.

Bierbrauerei Müller Baden

The Beer Brewery

Baths, Boveri – and beer. Brewery tour

In the world of beer, malt is described as the soul of the brew, while yeast is the mind, water is the body and hops are the spice of life.

Badener Altstadt

Life and Craftsmen in the Middle Ages

Fascinating stories about the old city show how the middle ages led to a new lifestyle

How did the way of life in the Middle Ages, including religion, illnesses, and career influence today's lives?

Stadtführung in Baden

Pioneers, visionaries and idealists

The tour is a mix between history, work, culture, and leisure activities

Clear-sighted politicians and risk-taking entrepreneurs have significantly shaped Baden and have made the city into what it is today.

Stadtführung in Baden

The history of women, who influenced Baden and the world

Get to know the moving history and acts of women in Baden

Women have been described as decoy of the devil and the moster of nature. It only started to change in the 20st Century...

Metamorphosis of North Baden

Metamorphosis of North Baden

An architectural expedition

No other district has changed as much during the past 125 years as "Baden North". A highly interesting tour for architecture fans (and the ones who want to become one) through Baden Nord.

Other guided group tours

City tours for school classes

Subject areas:

  • Baden in the Middle Ages - with special historical focus on the old city, life and professions
  • The industrial pioneers in Baden - North Baden
  • The Romans in Baden - spa district and Römerstrasse
  • The Habsburgs and Stein Castle - power, downfall and new beginnings

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City tour package deal

We offer different packages with menus and restaurant suggestions for your team event or your family celebration.
Our tour guides will accompany you on the guidance to the selected restaurant.