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Stadt ist.


Stadt ist.

Infrastructure and costs

Baden is investing in the future: our key priorities are the promotion of sustainable infrastructure and the maintenance of favourable taxation laws.

The city has extensive educational facilities, well-developed commercial areas and cutting-edge conference centres.

Wide-ranging educational opportunities, unique cultural sites, countless recreational activities and a carefully maintained historic Old Town with an attractive mix of shops all make Baden a highly desirable place to live and work.

Baden skillfully blends urban spaces with lush natural reserves. Beautiful protected forests, wild meadows, well-maintained parks and green riverside landscapes can be found throughout the town and are easily reached on foot.

Seamless mobility is provided by the comprehensive public transport network, international train connections, the nearby Zurich Airport and an abundance of car parkings.

Local companies also benefit from favourable taxation laws and moderate real estate rental prices.

At its most central location, a broad range of co-working services has developed: