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Stadt ist.

Facts about Baden

Over 2,200 companies appreciate the advantages of being based in Baden. They benefit from its efficient, modern infrastructure and close proximity to other cities throughout Switzerland’s largest economic area. Globally active companies give the city a distinctly international atmosphere. The predominantly high-tech SME landscape is testament to the region’s innovative strength. The cultural diversity, extensive educational opportunities, family-friendly facilities and wide range of recreational activities make Baden an attractive place to live and work, where employees can enjoy an excellent quality of life.

City portrait of Baden

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Portrait of the city of Baden

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Baden not only has a colourful history – it is also renowned for making history. Founded by the Romans as Aquae Helveticae, Baden later became Habsburgerstadt, the meeting place of the Swiss confederate council where business, politics and society also regularly came together.

Baden’s cosmopolitanism and pioneering spirit inspired the establishment of Switzerland’s first theatre in 1675, the construction of the first railway to Baden in 1847 and, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first moving images appeared on the big screen at Limmatknie when film was still forbidden in other places. The British-German industrial pioneers Brown and Boveri made industrial history in 1891 when they set up the BBC (today ABB).