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Cultural promotion

Culture plays an important role in Baden’s social and political life, which is why the city also has its own cultural policy. Cultural promotion in the city of Baden creates the conditions for the emergence and ongoing development of a diverse and independent cultural life and communicates intangible values in all areas. It contributes to a sense of belonging among Baden’s residents.

Baden’s cultural policy is based on the its cultural concept, which follows the principle that dedicated people and groups form the starting point for cultural initiatives. The role of the public sector is to create the best possible conditions for the creation of cultural assets, therefore making a broad range of options possible. One exception are the activities not provided by the private sector, but which seem essential for a city’s overarching cultural policy interests. In these cases, the city has the tools to launch projects and manage city institutions.

The city of Baden supports artists, institutions and event organisers in their cultural activities.

Cultural concept.pdf (GER)
Support guidelines of the city of Baden.pdf (GER)