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Bühne Kurtheater Baden

Kurtheater Baden

The Kurtheater Baden is the largest theatre in the canton of Aargau with a complete infrastructure and seats more than 600 theatre-goers. The curated programme features around 50 visiting performances of drama, musical and puppet theatre, dance and children’s and youth theatre. The Kurtheater can also be rented out by other event organisers for cabaret and comedy performances, concerts or dialect plays.

Bühne Theater in Kornhaus ThiK

ThiK Theater im Kornhaus

This small theatre with extremely high quality standards in Baden's Old Town offers cultural events – mainly theatrical performances – and encounters for all age groups. With a long tradition, the ThiK is a theatre housed in the "Kornhaus", a former granary (built in 1511), and has hosted performances continuously since 1953. For many years now, the PhiloThiK has offered a platform for discussing relevant and current issues.

Teatro Palino Baden

Teatro Palino / UnvermeidBAR

The repertoire of this small, professional theatre features mainly its own productions. Related to the arts of circus and cabaret, the theatre's productions blend the glamour of sequins with the smell of sawdust. The "UnvermeidBAR" theatre café also has a music stage and culinary specialities.

Other theaters

Figurentheater Wettingen

Figurentheater Wettingen

This small theatre with a beautiful vaulted cellar in the Gluri Suter Huus is situated in the heart of Wettingen. The puppet theatre presents multifaceted and exciting contemporary puppet plays for young and old alike.

Nateschwara Theater Baden

Nateschwara Theater

The Nateschwara Theater was founded in Baden in 1997 and presents only traditional Indian dance and music. Today, the theatre ranks among the leading locations for living Indian art and culture in Europe.

Remise Theater 5406

Remise Theater 5406

The small Remise Theatre 5406 opened its first theatre season in 2001. Dedicated residents of the town of Rütihofer worked hard to turn the former barn into a theatre with a unique atmosphere. The motto of the cultural venue is: Good theatre on your doorstep.