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Sterk Cine AG

The Sterk family has been in the cinema business for more than 100 years. While their pioneering ancestors were the first to bring moving pictures to the big screen in Switzerland, today's generation is faced with adapting to the current time and what people want to see.
The company has two cinemas in Baden, the Trafo and the Kino Sterk, as well as the Kino Elite in Wettingen and offers a range of films which caters to all tastes and ages.

Brown Boveri Platz 1, CH-5400 Baden,
Tel. +41 56 204 04 00 office (no reservations), ticket line 0900 200 400 (70 centimes/min., from a landline) daily from 2:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Kino Trafo

The cinema centre is located in the Baden Nord district. This classy cinema with its five elegantly designed theatres and state-of-the-art technology promises the ultimate cinema experience. And if you’re not ready to go home after the film, you can head to the cinema bar for a drink.
Brown Boveri Platz 1, CH-5400 Baden

Kino Sterk

The company's original cinema at the Baden train station is devoted to high-end films. It is a modern studio cinema with two screens. You can enjoy a glass of wine in the theatre during the film or at the cinema bar.
Bahnhofstrasse 22, CH-5400 Baden

Kino Elite

The cinema’s three uniquely designed theatres and broad programme containing everything from action movies to children's films draw fans of all kinds. Dolby 3D Digital Cinema was also installed in one of the theatres in summer 2010.
Landstrasse 42, CH-5430 Wettingen

Filmtreff Kino Orient

The art house cinema is open to showing all types of independent films on its screen. The association of film lovers from the Baden-Wettingen region enhances the diversity of the films it shows with a monthly programme of old and new films from around the world. It is a place of cultural encounters, where it is possible to talk to film makers, to experience other perspectives, narrative forms and rhythms, and simply discover and enjoy interesting films together with others. The colourful cinema with bar can also be hired for private film screenings.

Landstrasse 2, CH-5430 Wettingen
Tel. +41 56 430 12 39