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More museums

Bären im Teddybär Museum Baden

Teddy Bear Museum Baden

A museum that is not just for teddy bear collectors – hundreds of antique teddy bears are lovingly exhibited in humorous, lifelike settings. The exhibition is enhanced by antique toys and everyday objects from past centuries.

Church Treasury Museum

Above the crypt in the sacristy of Baden’s Catholic church, you can see valuable examples of gold- and silver-smithing from the late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Age. A rich collection of vestments from different centuries is also on display.

Elekromuseum Kraftwerk Kappelerhof Baden

Museum of Electricity Kappelerhof Baden Power Station

Historical devices and mechanisms from power stations, industry and private households show how electricity was generated, transported and used in earlier times. Visitors will also learn more about different types of energy production in the video and demonstration room.