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Stadt ist.

Galerie im Gluri Suter Huus

In 1972 the gallery in the Gluri Suter Huus was opened with a display by the then unknown Ilse Weber from Wettingen. Since then, art is continuously shown in the gallery in the center of the village Wettingen. The gallery is led today by Dr. phil. Rudolf Velhagen.

The Gluri Suter Huus identifies itself as a mix between local and nationwide art, as a place for reflection and discussions. It treats artistic and social questions with monographic and thematic exhibitions, as well as with an interdisciplinary focus.

Gluri Suter Huus Wettingen

The Gluri Suter Huus also gives insight to the art collection of the community of Wettingen with some thematic displays. These are comprised by thousands of works of art, from which a small part is permanently displayed in the premises of the community (the town hall, in offices, in schools). The collection is put together by donations and aquisitions of the last couple of years.

Bifangstrasse 1, 5430 Wettingen Map
Tel. 056 437 72 22, www.glurisuterhuus.ch