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Setting up a company

The city of Baden provides advice and assistance to entrepreneurs who are planning to set up a new company. The Location Marketing Department helps start-ups choose a location, find the right administrative and government contacts and begin networking throughout the region and the entire Zurich economic area.

Baden has a wide variety of commercial premises. The city’s administrative body will gladly help you find just the right place for your company.

If you are planning to set up a company, please contact Baden’s Location Marketing Department. Regardless of which stage you’re at, the Location Marketing team can provide you with valuable tips and connect you with the relevant experts.

The Swiss Constitution guarantees freedom of trade, which means everyone has the unrestricted right to carry out activities for commercial purposes. In the interests of public safety, certain occupations require a permit (doctors, lawyers, trustees, taxi drivers, etc.). Manufacturing firms with six employees or more must also hold an operating permit. A valid personal work and residence permit is a prerequisite for non-Swiss citizens who wish to live and work in Switzerland.

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