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Standortmarketing Baden (Location Marketing Department) is along with the Tourist Office Info Baden the first point of contact for leisure and guest suggestions. Standortmarketing Baden is also responsible for the location promotion of Baden. Networking is a key factor for successful business development – locally and beyond the city.  The city of Baden works with a large number of business development partners to facilitate networking and useful synergies and counts especially in the area of culture and recreation on its established collaboration with numerous partners. Through this network and the strong brands, the city of Baden as a destination is specifically and widely promoted to the relevant target groups. To further the publicity of Baden in an efficient and effective manner, Standortmarketing Baden is focusing on the following partnerships:

Local economic partners

Local wellness partners

Local culture partners

Tourism partners

  • Switzerland Tourism: Member and partner since 2008, Europe wide marketing for touristy Swiss cities and thematic promotions. Founding members of the Wellness Labels and awarded as Wellness Destination STV (Swiss Tourisms Federation).
  • Zurich Tourism / Tourism region Zurich: Strategic partnership and collective marketing activities of the region Zürich since 2005 with leisure time campaigns together with Winterthur, Zürich, and Zug.
  • Aargau Tourism: Member since the founding year of this organization and common marketing activities and advertisements in the canton of Aargau.