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Childcare options for school-age children

The city of Baden appreciates the importance of quality childcare centres for kindergarten and school-age children. Given the challenges of today’s society and the changing world of work, they play a key role in enabling parents to combine their careers and family obligations. Childcare centres support children’s development of social, cognitive, motor and linguistic skills, which in turn improves their integration into the school environment and ensures equal opportunities later in life. The city of Baden offers parents of school-age children a diverse range of childcare options designed around the standard school teaching blocks.

Coloured paint tubes symbolise the diverse range of childcare options for kindergarten and school-age children in Baden

The following childcare options are subsidised by the city of Baden. You can use the day care centre fee calculator to work out the potential parental contribution necessary for your preferred form of childcare.

Further options:

 TaBa Association

The TaBa Association (day care for children in Baden) offers childcare for children attending kindergarten and primary school and is located in the following districts:

  • TaBa Dättwil (day care)
  • TaBa Kappelerhof (day care)
  • TaBa Allmend (day care)
  • TaBa Rütihof (day care)

Further information (contact details, opening hours, registration forms, etc.): www.ta-ba.ch
The Baden Day Care Centre offers school holiday programmes for children from all districts.

Fee calculator

Association of ABB Childcare Centres

The Association of ABB Childcare Centres offers childcare for school-age children in Meierhof and Hasel-Martinsberg. You must register your child directly with the association. The management team will provide you with a subsidy application form (an electronic form will be available soon).
Links for further information:

ABB Day Care Centre Stadtbach-Piraten (Meierhof) http://www.abbkinderkrippen.ch/index.php?id=164
ABB Day Care Centre Martinsberg http://www.abbkinderkrippen.ch/index.php?id=171

Fee calculator

Day school for primary school-age children

The Ländli public primary school (grades 1 – 6) has an integrated five-day childcare programme for primary school-age children (excluding Wednesday afternoon, if requested). The children are looked after and taught in a friendly and familiar environment.

The interdisciplinary day school staff consists of around 12 teachers and 10 day care personnel, who work together closely and provide each other with daily support.  The day school follows a set of pedagogical and operational guidelines.

Fee calculator


Lunch Meet for secondary school students

The city of Baden offers a lunchtime event for secondary school students, which is run by employees from the Office for Youth Affairs. The Lunch Meet is held during the school term from Monday to Friday between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The rooms are centrally located between the secondary school buildings at Mellingerstrasse 2 (Falken complex) and Mellingerstrasse 22 (Hotel Linde) in Baden. Students can register to receive a healthy, warm meal or spontaneously drop by with their own lunch. The rooms have all the necessary facilities. Beyond the lunch offer, the event serves as a midday meeting place where students can socialise and relax.

Lunch Meet for secondary school students www.soziokultur.baden.ch