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Baden possesses the richest mineral thermal springs in Switzerland. With a temperature of 47 °C, healing water bubbles up from 18 sulfur springs

Your health is the most important thing. Baden’s therapy centres, health and beauty facilities and fitness centres all contribute to your well-being.



The city of Baden is one of seven holiday spots in Switzerland that fulfil the requirements of the Swiss Tourism Association and has been awarded the «Wellness Destination» seal of approval with the support of the national Quality Control Commission.
Created in 2008, the «Wellness Destination» seal of approval recognises holiday spots and destinations that offer a comprehensive range of high-quality wellness options.







28.08.2015 "Obenabe Undenufe", Mundartfassung von "Die dritte Kolonne“ von Franz Hohler

28.08.2015 Umweltwochen: Natur findet Stadt

01.09.2015 Fantoche - 13. Internationales Festival für Animationsfilm


25.08.2015: Baden feiert die Eröffnung der Alten Schmiede
20.08.2015: Feuerverbot im Wald und an Waldrändern wird aufgehoben
20.08.2015: Zukunft des Badener Radquers bis 2020 gesichert

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