Traffic Instruction in the Baden SchoolsTraffic Instruction

Life on city streets, where thousands are on the move each day, is  - as seen daily - full of dangers to life and health.
Counteracting these dangers and heightening awareness are the main goals of traffic instruction by the Baden City Police.


Our Traffic InstructorsTraffic Instruction

Our traffic instructors teach in the Baden schools and in Ennetbaden, Obersiggenthal, Birmenstorf, Freienwil and Ehrendingen from kindergarten till 5the classes.

Every May the bicycle exam takes place when 5th grade students can prove themselves and apply what they have learned in Baden traffic. A medal is awarded to those who pass the exam with 0 mistakes. All others who pass the test receive a gift.


If you have questions regarding the bicycle exam or traffic instruction
pleaseTraffic Instruction contact:
Stadtpolizei Baden, Amtshaus, Rathausgasse 3, CH-5400 Baden, 
Phone +41 (0)56 200 82 40




Our Traffic Instructors:Traffic Instructor Ernst Meier
Officer Ernst Meier,
Gfr Corinne Barth,

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